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At Beechwood Baits we strive to make the very highest quality carp bait and boilies available, to everyone, we want you to get more out of what you put in!

Excelsor, its landed!


The brand new winter bait from Beechwood Baits is finally here! Its another powerful milk protein based bait, this time boasting an ultra smooth and creamy bannana and nut label!


This bait is set to change anglers perceptions of winter carping!


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The Musselberry!


Its here, The Musselberry! A super high quality, HNV milk protein carp bait boilie! At Beechwood baits we are very proud to introduce to you the culmination of a long journey through research, development and testing. The Musselberry is our first carp bait released, and is available for everyone to have success with. If you were to trace this baits beginings back to its conception, you'd be looking almost a decade into the past. Development has seriously ramped up over the last two years, along with some intensive, real world fishing situation testing. Have a look at the new flyer below, and as always if you have any questions, we're here to help. - The Beechwood Baits team


Now offering 200g sample bags for £2.99 delivered to your door, click here to order!

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